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I have been a patient of deep tissue massage at several facilities over the past 20 years to relieve stress and tension from pursuing 3 different careers. In that time, I have hired services from about 7 or so massage therapists. I have come to appreciate a true professional with this and I developed a variety of criteria when I choose to frequent the same massage therapist regularly. These criteria include, of course, friendliness and positive attitude about their job but also more importantly their knowing where to treat and how with particular sensitivity to their patient as to how deep to go on a deep-tissue massage and remember that amount each time I come in. You score the highest marks across the board of my criteria for a massage therapist of any professional I’ve hired. It is so hard to find a true professional that can cover all these bases as well as you do and I’ve chosen you to be my one and only massage therapist moving forward.
— Tom Krol
I have been a patient of David Fireside for the past 7 months. I am a physician with a specialty in Internal Medicine & Oncology. I found David to be very thorough & evidence based on his therapeutic technique & methodology. His massage is one of the best that i have ever experienced. He also provided me with a holistic approach to back pain which included an analysis of my posture/work space & simple home exercises to strengthen my core muscles & posture. I highly recommend him & will not hesitate to refer him my patients who has chronic back issues.
— Michael Delatorre, MD
I suffered from an old sports injury affecting my right shoulder. Extending the reach of my arm caused great pain. Conventional treatments only provided minimal and short-lived relief to the symptomatic area. Five massage sessions and the introduction of a few do it yourself home exercises resulted in elimination of the painful condition. This outcome has sold me on the benefits of massage therapy.
— Barry Friedman
I have worked with David Fireside as my message therapist for the last eight years.  It was recommended to me to get a message therapist to join my team of clinicians to help with range of motion, circulation and prevention of contractors.   He has been an invaluable member of my team with is extensive knowledge of my physiology of everything that is essential those needs. I feel so luck that I have had the opportunity to work with David. He not only is very professional but he also is a ray of sunshine.  It is with no hesitation that I recommend David as a message therapist.
— Bari Rubenstein
I have known David Fireside personal and professionally for the past 7 years. Professionally, he is part of our care team at the Walgreens Health Center which was under my responsibility as Director of Operations. Personally, I have come to know David as an exceptionally ethical and all around great person. His love for family, community, patient care and learning are at the core of his values and in my experience, he represents these values in his daily actions. David has exceptional knowledge in the field of message therapy and takes a true clinical approach to utilizing message therapy to help our patients get, stay and be well. David has utilized his skills to advance the benefits and legitimacy of clinical massage in the health care field. He has incorporated clinical massage therapy into our Primary Care Medical Home practice that is part of our lifestyle medicine practice. David’s ability to be a highly effective communicator and organize events including corporate mobile massage therapy events and his volunteer work with the Chicago Marathon are representative of his professionalism and love of patient care. I highly recommend David Fireside
— Jerimie Lloyd
David is an amazing and  knowledgeable massage professional. He takes the time to understand your general health and your aches and pains along with any potential relationship between the two. The massage setting is comfortable and relaxing.  Like many people, most of my musculoskeletal problems have to do with sitting all day and over doing it on the weekends. The first time I visited David the scapular muscles beneath my shoulder blades were so tight I could barely turn my head. After my session with David the mobility increased to the extent Linda Blair would be jealous. Another time I had low back pain. After thirty minutes of massage I was pain free and levitated out of his office equipped with specific exercises meant to minimize a recurrence. The benefits to massage become more evident to me with every session. Thank you David for an excellent massage experience!
– Pat Rooney
I began seeing you for neck and shoulder pain due to stress and poor posture.  You were very thorough with the massage itself as well as explaining the anatomical reasons behind my discomfort.  The sessions  were not only giving me relief but were also very relaxing. You gave me some exercises that could be done at home to alleviate some of the muscle tightness. David, you definitely know your stuff as well as being kind and patient!
— Amy Weasel
I find any time I have seen you in the past that if I wait 24 hours, your therapy works and it is true today also.  I woke up and could turn side to side in bed and there was no pain when I stood up.  I swear you are a miracle worker and I sing your praise to my co-workers.  Thanks for your help.
— Jean Van Voorst
David Fireside has worked for me at the Walgreens Healthy Living Center as my Massage Therapist for the past sixteen months. I recommend him without qualification for your program. While working in a primary care health center, I have relied on David to work independently to grow the massage line of service through both his business approach to establish contacts and a patient base, as well as repeat patient business and referrals.  David has been engaged and enthusiastic, growing his client base over the past year. In addition to clinical massage, David has displayed his creativity by finding ways to successfully offer massage services to groups on the corporate campus that had previously not been considered. I’ve had the opportunity to observe David’s clinical interaction with patients as he has demonstrated a confidence and clinical excellence. David has shown his aptitude for learning by regularly researching specific medical conditions of his patients to better provide for their needs with massage.  David regularly receives testimonials from his patients thanking him for the high level of service and helping them in seeing resolution with a variety of medical conditions as well as general relaxation needs. David has also been responsible for providing written articles for campus newsletters, as well as teaching small groups on the benefits of massage. From personal observation, David has been engaging in a classroom setting with his audience. David’s energy and sense of humor make working with him a joy.  He is always engaging in conversation and is able to relate a story to make his point.
— David Morin
I sincerely wish to thank physical therapist Jess Brown, clinical massage therapist David Fireside and Premise Health for the great caring and concern shown to me. Previously, on March 16, 2017, I underwent a third knee replacement/revision that targeted my left knee. Consistent pain completely limited bending and made movement very painful.  After surgery, I faced a twelve-week recovery.  Your clinical staff showed phenomenal caring and concern in every way possible. Jess and David worked so hard to help in my recovery.  Both clinicians wrote and reviewed physical therapy and massage therapy notes. They developed a program that worked well for me.  David and Jess helped me achieve a 120-degree bend as well as a straightening of my left knee within 30 days of surgery and ahead of the healing schedule set by Midwest Orthopedics.  I am in week eight now of recovery and want you to know how much I appreciate how hard your team worked on my case. David and Jess understood how I was feeling and knew how painful a knee replacement/revision recovery would be.  Both are always encouraging and extremely motivational.  I received caring help and ideas from Jess and David that allowed me to get back faster and better than I was before. Physical therapy, massage therapy and the exercises prescribed with each session made a positive difference. Their expertise absolutely accelerated my healing and I am truly grateful. David and Jess worked closely together and closely with EXOS Trainers, which even further improved the quality of care given and received. I appreciate how hard Nancy worked each day at the front desk to make and verify appointments around a patient’s schedule. She showed great caring throughout. Thank you for the outstanding professionalism, sincere compassion and superior care.
— Mike Wiener R.Ph
Thank you so much for your expertise and caring during my recent knee replacement surgery just ten weeks ago. After the surgeon operated on my left knee I was put on a prescription of pain medication and physical therapy. I didn’t  like the way I felt on the pain medication but was helped tremendously by attending physical therapy sessions three days a week. To make the physical therapy even better I was referred to your care for deep tissue clinical massage.  After my first visit to you, the bone pain I was feeling was greatly reduced.  After three visits my bone pain was reduced so much, that my knee discomfort  was no longer an issue to my recovery. Thank you again for getting me through this difficult period.  I feel that anyone undergoing knee replacement surgery will benefit greatly by linking physical therapy to clinical massage therapy. Your expertise absolutely accelerated my healing and I am truly grateful.
— Mike
I began seeing David Fireside for neck and shoulder pain due to stress and poor posture.  David was very thorough with the massage itself as well as explaining the anatomical reasons behind my discomfort.  The sessions  were not only giving me relief but were also very relaxing. He gave me some exercises that could be done at home to alleviate some of the muscle tightness.  David definitely knows his stuff as well as being kind and patient!
— Nicole Miller
David, I feel so much better since you helped me. I awoke today with minimal pain and slept 7 hours. Every morning before then I awoke with severe nerve pain and was lucky if I got 3 hours of sleep. I appreciate your expertise and wanted to say thank you.
— Mike Wiener
I started working with David on a regular basis for neck stiffness that I’ve suffered for years due to poor posture and sitting at a desk all day.  I am a marathon runner and run the Chicago Marathon every year, so when training started up, he focused on recovery techniques for my 5 month training program, leading up to race day.  David works with athletes (especially endurance runners) on a regular basis, and therefore was extremely helpful in providing me with exercises, techniques and detailed explanations after each session with consultation.  For example, he always walked me through anatomy and specific muscles/nerves/tissues to explain why I was tight/in discomfort in certain areas and how to prevent future overuse.  Most importantly, he learned my body and tendencies quickly, and was able to use his familiarity to draw comparisons and a baseline.  For example, he knew my flexibility leading up to the Chicago Marathon, and conduced a flexibility test post Marathon to assess overall tissue health.  He went above and beyond by connecting me with the Core Performance nutritionist to ensure my diet was also aiding in optimal marathon training.  He was an integral part of my successful training season and race (no injuries all season).  Because of the healthy tissue he helped me maintain, I was able to run another marathon 1 month after the Chicago Marathon to reach my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. David showed a vested interest in my success as a marathon runner, and I highly recommend his expertise and enthusiasm to future clients.
— Ann Marie
I must say last night I slept the best that I have in ages. I always thought I had the restless leg syndrome, but last night nothing, WOW. I will see you again soon.
— Judy Farr
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