massage for events

massage for events

As Director of Clinical Massage for Walgreens Corporate Campus, David Fireside specializes in corporate massage programs, which are a popular and beneficial employee wellness benefit that boosts employee morale and provides valuable health benefits.

Available to all sizes and types of businesses, our massage therapists are all licensed and certified. On-site office massage is more than a low-cost office perk according to Crain’s Chicago Business. Cheaper than vacation and child-care benefits, on-site massage reduces work-related stress, improves alertness, performance and productivity. Consultation of proper ergonomics of workspace to minimize chronic muscular tension due to overuse is part of the service we provide.

The benefits of on-site massage:

  • Relives tension and stress
  • No overhead costs to employer
  • Address chronic muscular problems due to repetitive work and sitting for extended periods
  • Increases employee performance and productivity
  • Employees benefits from immediate results

A specially-designed massage chair lets you lean forward a supports the front of the body. This allows the massage therapist to massage most areas to be massaged. You remain clothed and no oil or lotion is used. Seated massages last from 10 to 20 minutes.

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