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Specializing in headaches, pain management, pregnancy and oncology massage. We work with everyone from those going through rehab, chronic pain, athletes, children and seniors as well as those simply looking to decompress.

David Fireside


Isn't it time to decompress?

As licensed clinical massage therapists we have the knowledge, skills and experience to work with a wide variety of conditions such as chronic muscular tension, pain management, headaches, TMJ Disorder, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Whiplash, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sports Injuries, Insomnia, Digestive disorders and circulatory problems, pregnancy, geriatric and cancer patients (list is not all inclusive).

David Fireside, BCLMT
Board Certified Licensed
Clinical Massage Therapist

massage therapist and owner


Massage therapy helps relieve tension and stress, aids in easing muscle and joint pain, improves sleep and provides many other benefits that can help alleviate the symptoms of chronic pain.


"I was always very nervous about having a massage because I suffer from ongoing neck pain and I didn’t like the thought of someone making it worse. However, my husband had some issues with sciatica and went to see David. After only a few sessions his pain was gone and he encouraged me to go as well. It helped to know that David was a trained professional and had even taught at the college level. Though I saw a chiropractor regularly, my pain was constant so I decided to give it a try. Having David give me a massage was not like going to a spa. It was an educational experience and a healing session all rolled into one. As time went on, my monthly sessions let me skip the chiropractor because they kept me loose and feeling better. David also recommended exercises to strengthen and work on weaker areas between visits which have helped as well. If you think massages are only for vacations or pampering sessions, you will be surprised at how much your body can experience healing and move you toward good health by seeing David. It really is amazing how one hour can make such a difference in how you feel and how you are able to handle stress. I highly recommend a visit to David. You will be so glad that you did and you will truly experience a difference in how you feel!" — Gina