On October 7, 2012, David Fireside was part of the medical team at this year’s 35th running of the Bank of America–Chicago Marathon. David provided clinical massage relief to approximately 30 runners during his time in the medical area. Additionally, David was assigned as a director/ team leader for a group of therapists that initially met athletes that came to the medical area with musculo-skeletal problems that would benefit greatly from the application of Sports Massage related intervention. The day was very long as the therapists had to report by 5:00am, and athletes were seen until approximately 3:30pm. “David provided professional quality sports massage work that was both efficient and effective in getting the athletes out of pain” stated Michael Hovi, Massage Therapist Coordinator. “I was very impressed with his work and the direction he gave to those assigned to his team” Hovi continued. Well done David.
— Michael A. Hovi, AMTA-IL Chapter President, Program Director–The Soma Institute

In addition to being a top notch massage therapist, David is a genuinely warm and caring person. His knowledge of the neuromuscular system is extensive and David has given me numerous techniques to diminish my muscular pain and to improve my posture. I look forward to our sessions all week and would highly recommend David to anyone looking for a great massage therapist.
— Dr. Susan B., MD

David has assisted me to heal from a nagging hip injury. I began my initial massage therapy session with David hoping it would help ease my discomfort and left with noticeably less pain and some practical, preventative exercises to improve my running. Working regularly with David is an important part of my training regimen and overall self-care. Based on my sessions with David I recommend his services without hesitation.
— Dr. John C.

David hit the ground running. Within his first year out of massage school, he had started up a successful practice, was recognized as the “Rookie of the Year” by the AMTA-IL Chapter for his early contributions to the profession, and has since opened a second practice that is also very successful. On top of his business successes, David has ventured into the educational realm of massage and has achieved success in this area as well. I am proud to say that David is a shining star in the profession of massage therapy.

— Michael A. Hovi, AMTA-IL Chapter President,  Program Director–The Soma Institute

David was punctual, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. He was able to provide 15 minute chair massages the entire day with out missing a beat. The corporate chair massage event was such a success that both my business partner and I continue to see David regularly for our weekly massages.
— Murray S. Peretz CEO Spectrum Real Estate Properties

Suburban Decompression is a fantastic place with a fantastic owner, David Fireside! Not only does Suburban Decompression help you relax, but this company is a steward in the community. I am the Special Events Director for the Arthritis Foundation and Urban Decompression has supported our Arthritis Walk for many years. Thank you, David for supporting the Arthritis Foundation and our participants!
— Jaimie Scherer Arthritis Foundation

It’s easy to simply say that David Fireside is an excellent massage therapist. Aside from having solid technique, he strives to both educate his client, while making them comfortable. He communicates effectively and concisely with you to make sure he is giving you the best treatment possible and provides detailed follow-up care instructions. Overall I’ve seen improvement with my own injured and stiff joints and believe anyone who has such issues ought to work with him.
— Brijeet D.

I want to thank you for your skill in working on my back. I notice a big difference.
— Kathy H.

David’s skills as a massage therapist as well as his compassion for people and ability to communicate and educate patients helps motivate people to be interested in taking care of their health in preventative care as well as the relief of chronic pain.
— Dr. Lawrence R., D.C

David has been working with my chiropractor for a while now and my chiropractor has been able to manipulate my neck much better since David has been massaging the area before the manipulation. I have also had David give me individual massages. Both times I was so relaxed after that I immediately fell asleep. This was especially important the last time because I had not slept more than a couple of hours the previous 5 nights.
— Elisabeth C.